Custom designs 

Rob Shaw also designs custom sportsboats to the specific requirements of clients. Here are some examples.

Shaw 7 

Developed at the request of the former owner of the Shaw 650 Turbo, the Shaw 7 was designed to be a no-compromise boat that took the sportsboat concept to the next level of performance.

Significant performance increases are assured by the development of the whole package of rig, hull and appendages to give a balanced design with unmatched performance.

The Shaw 7 Custard Truck (now known as Orange Peeler) has become a regular feature of the Auckland harbour, Bay of Islands and longer-course racing scene, attracting wins on line and corrected time.   

Shaw 750 Trailer

The Shaw 750 Trailer is a development of the sportsboat concept designed to meet the requirements of the New Zealand trailer yacht regulations, including in terms of cabin space and beam.

It draws on the sportsboat concepts of a light displacement, easily driven hull with a modest rig, making a well-balanced, manageable yacht that is fun and responsive to sail.  

Of carbon/E-glass epoxy construction, the design features a carbon rig and a carbon-reinforced lifting board and rudder.

The Shaw 750 Trailer fills a niche for a dual-purpose boat suited to a wide range of different trailer-boat events.  It is designed to be easily sailed by a crew of four. 

Shaw 4 skiff